Acrylic Asylum

Frankie - Dress up Doll

28 GBP
Welcome to the Asylum Frankie! Our Dress up doll’s are interchangeable meaning all their outfits can be swapped around just like those paper dolls we played with as kids! Each Doll has an allocated dress, but these can be bought separately too if your only keen on the one doll. And we have plans for a few seasonal collections in the coming months so keep an eye on the ‘Closet listing’ for new pieces and limited edition fashion Doll details - Each doll is approx 5 x 10.5cm with articulated legs and arms. They have a roll clasp pin attached and each dress also has a pin so it stays secured all day whatever event your taking her to. Frankie - single layer acrylic with painted detail and 2nd layer hair stripe, comes with a 2 layer bandage dress. Please pop a comment on your order if you would prefer a different type of pin on your dress